Lucky enough to share a life with this guy. He’s passionate about skating, drawing, and loves anime. We’ve always known each other but only when I moved away and came back did we get together. My whole world changed. I’ve never met such a kind soul. He lights up my life.


Gypsy- My wonkey-Eyed clumsy cat

This kitty defines all stereotypes she not nimble (pretty clumsy) , reflexes are terrible, I often wake up in the night to her crashing and bumping into things. Although she is not the most agile hunter, she is the best foot warmer in the bed and I wouldn’t know what I would do with out her. Constant comedy everyday… what will she knock over next.

IMG_3452 2.JPG

Flee the sun lover

She is my first child, she is the worst watch dog and never lets me know if anyone is coming up the driveway. She will happily invite you in my home. My advice for everyone is be careful what you name your pets.- They will live up to it. While I have always love the name Flee I forgot that flee means to run away and this little lady has a taste for adventure and always flees the scene. One of her hidden talents is when she’s tired she will show off her incredibly long fruit-roll-up tongue. She never looks at me when I tell her I love her she cant handle all the attention. She will drag the welcome mat onto the grass and lay on her back so her belly can get some sun. She is thee most classic dog… EVER.


Mele- Beautiful and the dammed

When I was 7 we got mele a Solomon Island Parrot and my whole life she has been there. I was gifted her recently. She developed some nerve damage in her old age, and its made her a little nervous. and so she plucks her feathers. When I took her over I thought I can fix her! In life their are many different teachers. What male has taught me is not everything can be fixed… All you can do is love and nurture the beauty lies within.




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