Haleakala Proposal: Part I of Wookie & Gillian

When someone wants to propose on Maui and have a photographer there secretly to capture the big moment, Engaged on Maui is who they should contact. I photograph proposals exclusively through Engaged on Maui, and this is how I met Wookie and Gillian.

On their first date, they went for a drink and had the best conversations, which made it such an amazing date. Gillian even talked about memories of their first date in her wedding vows.

Wookie is an incredible athlete in his free time and together they travel and are very adventurous.

They live on Oahu and ventured over to Maui. Wookie thought Haleakala, the house of the sun, would be the perfect place to ask Gillian to be his wife.

I was on the trail, pretending to take pictures of the scenery, but actually waiting for Wookie and Gillian to arrive. Wookie followed instructions and led Gillian over to the proposal spot.

I snapped away as Wookie went down on one knee and then got to do a mini engagement session with them as the sun set.

Little did I know, this wasn’t the last time I would see them. Wookie and Gillian returned to Maui for their Whale Watch Welcome Party and modern tropical wedding at Hotel Wailea and I was lucky enough to tag along!