Day After Session Honoring Korean Heritage: Part III of Chloe & Jason

From his summer of living in Maui, Jason remembered this place that had a garden of all cultures with a section of Korean-style architecture. I knew exactly what he was talking about – Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens. This was where we got together after Jason and Chloe’s wedding to take pictures of them in their hanbok (Korean clothes).

I’m all for honoring traditions, especially when it’s something that is meaningful to you and your family (not just something you feel like you have to do). We started with traditional poses to pay respect to their heritage and then we went a little more modern to make it more personal for them.

Jason with the statue, I died. He said he remembered this haitai (unicorn-lion) statue and brought out his modeling skills. I really liked the juxtaposition of the traditional hanbok with the Nikes.

I just loved this couple with all my heart. We are forever friends and they told me recently they can’t wait to come back to Maui so we can hang out.

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