West Maui Engagement Session: Part I of Jason & Chloe

Jason once visited Maui for a summer in his early twenties and knew he wanted to get married here someday. When we talked about what he and Chloe wanted, they originally wanted to do the traditional Korean ceremony. Maui didn’t have anything available on the island and it seemed like a lot to bring everything themselves.

Chloe wanted to wear a wedding dress but brought a hanbok anyway just in case. Soo I thought… instead of cramming everything in one day, let’s break it up. We did an engagement session a couple days before the wedding, then the wedding day, and a couple days after we did a session in the traditional hanbok.

For their engagement session, Chloe had her make up trial which was a great excuse for a photo session. They stayed at Andaz, but I had them trek to the west side.

We met up for the first time and because we had communicated so much via email and FaceTime before their stay it felt like friends meeting up again.

In Hawaii, we don’t really have true seasons, but I can always tell what time of year it is when the flowers bloom. Shower trees go off in the summer in all different colors – baby pink, light yellow, and ones that are rainbow with white, pink, and yellow.

We took some pictures in the parking lot where the shower trees were going off. It’s amazing how you can take photos anywhere, and use the right perspective to focus on the beauty and make it what you want it to be.

We went to two locations, so we did an outfit change in between. It’s amazing how clothes can change the feeling of your photos.

The gray suit and white lace dress felt a little more formal and classic against the greenery. Chloe’s red dress was more playful and really popped against the blue and gray.

The light was really beautiful that day, rays of light in the distance.

I loved getting to spend so much time with Jason and Chloe. The whole time we were laughing. They have so much personality and it was my ultimate goal to create beautiful images but to capture their love and personality in the photos. They were goofy, eccentric, and so loveable.

I think when you are able to spend more time with a couple you can really break the barriers and get honest photos.

Chloe and Jason always make finger hearts (crisscrossing their thumb and index finger to make a mini heart) to each other to say as “I love you.” I had to make sure to capture this during all three of their sessions.

When you do cute things as a couple to show your love, please tell me so I can get that on camera. Our time together is really about the two of you and your special love.

You can see Chloe and Jason’s wedding here and day after session here.