Whale Watch Welcome Party: Part II of Wookie and Gillian

I loved the idea of having a whale watch welcome party (and having me there to document it)! It was such a nice way to bring everyone together. Wedding day often has a lot going on, so this gave Wookie and Gillian time to chill with their guests before the big day. It also gave me a chance to mingle, meet the immediate family members, and let guests get used to having me around.

We had some awesome whale sightings on our tour with Trilogy. During the winter months, humpback whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Alaska to the waters around Hawaii to mate and give birth. Over 10,000 humpbacks migrate to Maui annually, making it the world’s densest humpback whale population. They love the warm waters, underwater visibility, and lack of predators around Maui.

Beyond meeting the guests and seeing the whales, my favorite moment is when Wookie and Gillian were standing together on the boat and he pointed to Haleakala where they got engaged.

You can see Wookie and Gillian’s proposal here and their wedding here.