“I love you more than my own skin”

-Frida Kahlo

The magic of being able to feel through your eyes, to capture the essence of someones unique character and fleeting moments are what drives me. From this moment on your life will be changed forever. Its a big step! You're literally growing a human inside of you. How amazing is that?! This is a time filled with anticipation, hope, and wonder -when you're dreaming about what baby will look like, who they will become, and how life will change.

Even though it can seem like pregnancy lasts forever, you may someday forget how you looked and felt like during this magical time. What a gift it will be to celebrate beauty of your body and just how amazing you are to be in this chapter.


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Amber is a Hawaii based wedding photographer telling love stories Organically and timelessly. Serving couples on all the islands and worldwide.


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