Morea and I had a yoga class together, and she booked me for her engagement and wedding photography.

We planned the engagement session on her birthday because she said she wanted to remember the day with Tyler and me.

We planned to go to Iao and take photos there, but on the morning of the shoot, Maui was getting a lot of rain. Iao had dark intense clouds over all the West Maui mountains.

I recommended changing the date, but Morea was determined to take photos that day. We came up with Makawao forest, and I could not be happier with the result. I loved how their outfits coordinated with the light undertones of yellow and brown in the forest. I loved how at every turn it looked so different. So many different variations of light and textures in that forest.

Morea texted me to ask about outfits, and I was so thrilled to help, especially making sure the colors would look with the location. I want my couples to feel free to contact me to ask questions about what they wear and how I can help it become more of a personal experience for them. Making each session true to them as a couple is really what it’s all about for me.

Leading up to their engagement session, Morea kept telling me how excited Tyler was about the shoot, which is not always the case for every guy. When I met him, he was the truly so excited to be there, and you can really see how much he loves Morea. The session was full of laughs. He was putting on his best Zoolander face, ready for his close up at all times. After that day, I was even more ecstatic for their wedding day.