This was a secret ceremony for Kristen and Sven. They originally planned to have seven weddings all over the world because they have friends everywhere – elopement here, weddings in New York and Tahiti etc. Covid put a wrench in those plans, but I am so happy I got to spend this time with them.

This wedding was about making it official and saying their vows to one another. They exchanged leis and Sven gave Kristen a pearl strand from their last trip to Tahiti.

It was a cloudy and overcast day. We spent a lot of time debating if the weather forecast was safe to fly and do the elopement. Luckily, we got the thumbs up to make it happen.

On the flight, I was losing my mind. I NEVER KNEW when in the air…. Rainbows turn into RAINCIRCLES.
It was one of the most magical moments of my life.

I am so unbelievably grateful for the beautiful places photography has taken me, that my clients trust me to capture all the adventures with them.

Sven works for National Geographic and his connections were the only reason we were able to use this amazing location for their ceremony. We made sure we had permission to be there.

Kristen’s dress is by a designer in Tahiti. I loved how different her dress was, such a beautiful red and non traditional. It had two layers: a palm leaf and then a sheer red fabric over.

Instead of a traditional bouquet, Kristen asked to have bracelets with long flowers hanging down. This freed her up to be able to hold hands and embrace Sven without having to hold anything.


Photography: Amber Vision Photography
Florals: ​​Waiakoa Wildflowers
Wedding Dress: Hani Haring