Beach at Sunrise: Part I of Henry & Alina’s Honeymoon Session

Henry and Alina were planning to fly to Bora Bora, but it was closed (Covid times) so they went to the airport and chose Maui instead.

Henry emailed me while they were on the plane. He said, “Looking at some of your stuff on Instagram. Really enjoy some of your avante-garde stuff that’s out of the box. We’ll have fun working with you.”

Henry also told me they wanted to do some shots in the water and Alina had the perfect bathing suit for it. What better time than your honeymoon to get some sexy photos! Love my adventurous couples!

We actually broke their session up into two parts. This part one was at sunrise into morning, and part two was towards sunset.

The lighting and locations along with the outfits they chose gave such different vibes. The red dress and bathing suit with the brighter light felt playful and fun with a bit of spice.

Alina’s green dress and Henry’s darker shirt with the softer light of the forest and cliffs in part two felt more moody glam. See part two here.