Jason and Chloe met in college and were friends for a long time. Chloe is a total boss babe in her professional life, so Jason said she was out of his league. During the pandemic, they started talking and something clicked for both of them.

Jason did all the communicating with me. It’s always neat to work with a groom. It’s kinda like the roles are flipped because most of time I’m working closely with the bride. All of my experiences working with the guy as the main communicator have been very cool. It’s fun when everything comes together at the end – they really appreciate it because they were involved in the planning process and knew all the work that went into it.

Jason and Chloe are the most wonderful people. They even invited me to hang by the pool before and after their wedding. All the vendors loved them because they treated everyone like friends. That’s really saying something when the vendors speak positively behind your back.

They got married in June of 2021, which ended up being the perfect time when their family could travel out of Korea before the delta variant came to life. Family and one of Jason’s best friends came to the wedding, making it a small intimate ceremony.

You can see Jason and Chloe’s engagement session here and their day after session here.